Free Copyediting and Proofreading

Leonard provides free copyediting and proofreading of authors' manuscripts of any length, including fiction, non-fiction, biographical, academic, legal and medical books, drafts and proposals.

To submit your book manuscript or draft:

  1. Send Leonard a hard-copy version of the work, double-spaced, pages numbered and printed on both sides, directly to: W.L. Pickard, FRN 82687-011, POB 24550, Tucson, AZ 85734;
  2. Include any instructions (e.g. requests for reduction of word volume, revision of content, thematic changes, routine proofreading/copyediting, etc.);
  3. Mail should be sent in portions not exceeding two pounds, in manila rather than priority mailers;
  4. The manuscript/draft will be returned in 30 days or less;
  5. Leonard utilizes standard proofreaders marks and notations, in red ink;
  6. Author's references provided on request.

Please contact for further information, and to establish a direct email account. This service is provided to new and established authors and researchers without charge. However, depending upon the author's evaluation of the quality of the finished work, selected books provided to Leonard's children will be accepted gratefully.