Jury Foreman Concealed Law School With Prosecutor

  1. Scott David Lowry, the jury foreman, concealed from the court that he was an attorney and attended the same law school as the prosecutor Gregory C. Hough (see photo and bio of Lowry).
  2. Both attended Washburn University School of Law at the same time. The School of Law is housed in a single building, and is described as a school "where every student can know every other student" in the admissions brochures.
  3. The defense has filed a Motion with the Tenth Circuit and the District Court for a new trial based on juror misconduct. (See Motion to Remand to Trial Court, Supplemental Motion, and Motion Before the District Court, in PDF format).
  4. Scott Lowry's photo appears in the Student Directory from the law school along with Gregory C. Hough's, the prosecutor (see Washburn University Law School Directory for Hough and Lowry and Alumni Directory)
  5. It has also been determined that Scott Lowry was in law school with another prosecutor in the same office, Thomas Luedke, and the U. S. Attorney for Kansas, Eric Melgren (See the Directory for Luedke, and bio for Melgren).
  6. A complaint was also filed with the Disciplinary Administrator of Kansas concerning lack of candor to the court and misconduct by Lowry (see Complaint).
  7. The matter was also put before the Kansas Supreme Court. (see Complaint to the Chief Justice)

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